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about amg

Acoustic Metamaterials Group Limited (AMG) is an innovation and technology company that utilises the cutting-edge acoustic metamaterials technology to develop next-generation noise control and audio products. Since 2017, AMG has achieved the world’s first commercial applications of acoustic metamaterials in multiple industries including Hi-Fi, smart wearable devices, automobile, consumer electronics, construction, electrical and mechanical systems, home appliances, etc. As a new type of basic material, acoustic metamaterials show a superior performance over the conventional acoustic materials, bringing innovations to the way people interact with sound. 

AMG’s core technology allows the impedance spectrum of metamaterials to be precisely customised. While for conventional materials, such property is fixed. Therefore, the technology dramatically enlarges the scope of engineering design, advancing our basic understanding of acoustics. AMG also developed a mass customization production (MCP) process for acoustic metamaterials. Up to now, AMG is the only company that provides the mass-manufactured and low-cost acoustic metamaterial products for consumer and commercial use globally . Moreover, the manufacturing technology allows acoustic metamaterials to be made from recycled plastics which leads to a new roadmap of upcycling plastic wastes into noise control products. We have launched variety of commercial metamaterial product for construction and cooperate with leading company for innovative research. The trend of using metamaterials as a basic construction material type has been initialised.