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History of our technology

Acoustic Metamaterials

As one of the pioneers of acoustic metamaterials, Prof. Ping Sheng’s research group first proposed the concept of locally resonant phononic crystals in multiphase solid media.

Membrane-Type Metamaterials

For the first time, we have realised the design of metamaterials with "negative mass" in an elastic membrane system, which lays the foundation for the lightweight application of metamaterials.

Metamaterials for Sound Absorption

As one of the pioneers, we started to realise a series of highly efficient acoustic absorption designs based on the resonant properties of metamaterials.

Homogenisation Theory of Metamaterials

We proposed an effective medium theory based on modal expansion for metamaterials. Extending the applicability of traditional homogenisation theory to the resonance behaviour of metamaterials thus provides a basis for the design and development of metamaterials.

Acoustic Metasurface

Based on hybrid resonances, we realised a resonant structure with extremely low-frequency absorption capability and proposed the concept of acoustic metasurface for the first time.

Causality’s Role in Acoustic Absorption

We investigated the effect of causality in the process of material absorbing sound and proposed its specific constraints on the material's absorption performance for the first time.

Broadband Metamaterial Absorber

By establishing a design strategy for a large number of resonant elements, we achieved the world's first broadband metamaterial absorber that can efficiently absorb full-band sounds in spaces far below that of conventional acoustic materials and achieve the limit of causality.


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